Position of Principal for 2018

The post of RTE Centre Principal reaches the end of current tenure at the end of 2017. RVSC council wish to finalise selection of RTE Centre Principal for 2018 at the earliest opportunity. Thus, allowing a short period of time to work alongside the existing post holder, and witness an RYA Annual inspection. The period of office is limited to a maximum of three years, after which the post will be re advertised.

The principal must be aged 18 or over and show sufficient authority within the organisation to manage activities. Post is open to Club Members, and position reports to the Club Council.

The Principal is required to give a personal undertaking to ensure compliance by the Centre with the RYA Recognition Guidance Notes, subject to terms and conditions of recognition.

A Principal need not be a qualified Senior Instructor, but where the Principal is not a qualified Senior Instructor, a Chief Instructor must be appointed for each discipline. For clarity roles are split as:

Club Committee Finance / Staffing / Child protection / Buildings and Maintenance / Purchasing / Domestic and Teaching staff
Principal Administration / Equipment replacement and repair / Inspections
Chief Instructor (CI) Manage staffing for all disciplines and activities / co-ordinate all the centre activities / oversee all programmes / Carry out risk assessments / Produce or have major input to the SOP’s / Report to the Principal / Monitor teaching standards through practical observation / provide feedback to staff
Lead Senior Instructor (SI) or CI (If individual CI’s) All activities afloat / activity programmes / training and devlopment of instructors / Instructors daily tasks / mentor / Staff Development / Train assistant instructors


The Centre Principal is primarily a management role, overseeing paperwork, liaising and facilitating contact between the club and RYA. The principal holds overall responsibility for compliance with the RYA Recognition Guidelines.

Any interested parties should indicate their intentions to be considered for the role by Friday 15th September, accompanied by a brief supporting statement, to the club secretary by email to: secretary@rvsc.co.uk