Assistance with Ops ‘n’ Tops

In order to run Ops n Tops we need both Safety / Patrol boat cover, and helpers to Facilitate operation of each session.


If you can help on Saturday Mornings between 09:30 – 12:30 from 7th May onwards, then your services would be gratefully appreciated.

By clicking on the link above, will open up an on line form, where you can add (or delete) yourself from the Duty Roster.

We are planning 17 sessions this year, however unless we have volunteers  to provide Safety / Patrol boat support, then sessions cannot take place.



Southport 24Hr Race 2016

For those club members interested in getting involved, the important dates for your diary are:

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September.

We now have two well matched Firefly’s, and the last three years experience under our belt.

The first thing though is to reserve dates in your diary, and put your name down if interested in sailing.

Once we have enough names, we will divide into two teams, and start training! One thought being a team relay race, to build on sailing pairs, and practise those changeovers.

If interested in joining in, please contact David Hudson dhudson507 “at”

Ops ‘n’ Tops 2016

There are 17 planned Ops ‘n’ Tops sessions planned for 2016. Starting on Saturday 7th May, with last session on Saturday 10th September.

Ops ‘n’ Tops is a parent led group, and parents are encouraged to assist in the sessions. Important consideration is safety, if the weather is not suitable, or if Safety / Patrol cover is not available, then planned session will have to be cancelled.

Above all sessions should be fun, to encourage youth sailing within the club. As well as a number of single handed boats, we now have two Firefly’s, these are ideal boats to encourage 2up sailing.

All dates are on the events calendar.

May 7 / 14 / 21

June 4 / 11 / 18 / 25

July 2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30

Aug 6 / 13 / 20

Sep 3 / 10

Membership Renewals

It’s that time of year again where we invite you to renew your membership subscription for the new year.
This year we are using a new online renewal form which can be accessed here or via the website or facebook group.
Once you have submitted your form you then need to pay your subscription.  This can be done via BACS or Internet Bank Transfer , our Bank Details are Sort Code : 01-00-85 and Account Number
50219367 or  handed in at the clubhouse to a committee memeber.
RVSC is run by club members on a voluntary basis and we encourage everyone to join in and make the most of  the facilities on offer. As we try to arrange more and more events and improve these we are always looking for people to volunteer to help and get involved so if you would like to put something back into the club please do so.
Your council usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month and this is a great opportunity to see how the club is run and also make suggestions about the club. All Adult members are welcome to attend and contribute to these meetings. Dates are published on the website.
With your continued support, we hope to encourage more sailing, windsurfing, social activities, RYA training and FUN for all members through 2016 and beyond.

Cleaning Services and Groundsman/Handyman Required.

Cleaning Services Required.

Rossendale Valley Sailing Club wish to seek applications for a self employed cleaner to do 10 to 20 hours per month.

Applicants must have similar experience and be able to provide references.

This position may be combined with the Groundsman / Handyman role to be a Part Time Caretaker

To apply for this position please email the club secretary at


Rossendale Valley Sailing Club are seeking applications for a self employed Groundsman / Handyman to do 10 to 30 hours per month.

Duties will include the general maintenance and up keep of the sailing club building and site.

Applicants must have similar experience and be able to provide references.

This position may be combined with the cleaning services role to be a Part Time Caretaker.

To apply for this position please email the club secretary at


Part Time Catering Opportunity.

Part Time Catering Opportunity.

An opportunity has arisen for a self employed business to run a Cafe/Galley service.

The Galley currently opens for evening meals on a Wednesday & Brunch / Lunch on a Saturday and Sunday.

The Galley mainly caters for the sailing club members however, due to the location of the club, the galley is also used by fishermen, walkers and passers by, there maybe opportunities to expand this service.

The Sailing Club invites suitable parties to express their interest in taking on this opportunity.

To register your interest in the first place please email the club secretary at

Rossendale Valley Sailing Club: RTE Principal.

Rossendale Valley Sailing Club: RTE Principal.

Rossendale Valley Sailing Club is going through a period of transition whereby roles within the club are being both vacated and created.  In order to ensure a culture of openness, fairness and accountability the Council propose to put in place agreed procedures for appointing these roles that provide a transparency open to scrutiny and criticism.

The first such role to be considered is the RTE Centre Principal.  As a consequence of the previous Principal relinquishing the role, the club found itself in a possible invidious position such that the future of the RTE could have been jeopardised, on completion of the recent RYA inspection, our Commodore Douglas Forbes stepped into the position of Centre Principal to prevent this potential conflict.

In the spirit of implementing the new processes, it has been agreed in Council to advertise the position of RTE Principal to allow suitable RVSC members to apply.

The Centre Principal is primarily a management position, overseeing paperwork, liaising and facilitating the contact between the Club and RYA, the Principal holds overall responsibility for compliance with the RYA Recognition Guidelines.

Recognition primarily covers standards of safety and instruction during RYA training activities; however training centre Principals are expected to ensure ALL activities at the Centre are conducted within the spirit of recognition using suitably qualified or experienced staff, including volunteers, temporary and permanent members of staff.

The Principal must be aged 18 or over and have sufficient authority within the organisation to manage activities. A Principal need not be a qualified instructor, but where a Principal is not a qualified instructor, a Chief Instructor must be appointed for each discipline.

The Principal is required to give a personal undertaking to ensure compliance by the Centre with the RYA Recognition Guidance Notes, subject to the terms and conditions of recognition.

Any interested parties should indicate their intentions to be considered for the role by Friday 15th January, accompanied by a brief supporting statement, to the club secretary at

Webcam and new anemometer

The PC running the webcam hasn’t been working for a few weeks. The issue has been resolved, for now, and there are to be some discussions in the near future to address the reliability issues and improvements generally.

The anemometer on the weather station has been replaced as it has been under-reading the wind speed for some time.