Hire Boards or Boats

We have a large numbers of boards and boats that available for club members to hire. They are hired per 3 hour session depending on availability and adequate support boat cover.


4 x Optimist (Oppies) Ideal for children up to the age of 15. They are a small (7th 9 inches) singe handled boat that are ideal for kids to learn to sail in the hull shape makes them an extremely stable  boat almost impossible to capsize. Cost of £5 per session

4 x Toppers Ideal for young or novice sailors this 11ft single handed dinghy are an extremely  popular  boats. Cost of £5 per session

3 x Q’ba These are a great boat to progress into and can be sailed single handed or with 2 people ideally 2 kids or an adult and 1 child. Cost of £10 per session

2 x Fireflys These are a good double handed race boat popular with university race teams. Cost £15 per session 

3 x Wayfarer’s. These are the boats that predominately use for teaching at just under 16ft long they can comfortably take 3 adults or a family of 4. Cost of £25 per session


We have a full range of boards and rigs available at a cost of £10 per 3 hour session or £10 for just rig or just Board.

For us of  Wet Suits and Buoyancy Aids we ask for a donation of £2 each per session.


NOTE : Equipment can only be hired by club members. Minimum qualification is RYA Level 1  for single hander dinghy  and RYA Level 2 for double handed dinghy hire. RYA Start Windsurfing for W/S hire.

If hiring on behalf of under eighteen year olds, these are the minimum qualifications that should be held by the supervising adult.

Club equipment can only be used if there is a powerboat on the water.

Hirers and supervising adults must make sure that equipment is correctly put away and sails are dry before stowing.