Novice Race Support

If you want to move into Racing but feel intimidated or a little unsure we have the perfect solution for you.


Your own personal Race Mentor.


You Mentor will first sit down with you and explain the basics, the course explained, the start procedure, reminders of the rules.

If you have a two man boat your mentor will crew for you in your first couple races and if your boat is a single hander then if you hire a club boat, Enterprise or Wayfarer.

When you are ready to have a go on your own your mentor will be on hand to brief you before the race and give you tips about the conditions, course and start and then have a dbrief  getting  feedback on your race – understanding what happened re: the rules, tactics, boat handling and top tips for next time.

Don’t worry about the other more experienced racers, they understand that you are learning and getting coached.