An annual permit for the year is available for £40.00, There are no day tickets. Permits are available to purchase on line here.

A permit for the year is obtained from our on line club management software WEB COLLECT. Confirmation email will be sent, and once payment processed, we will email a membership card for the year. Please carry proof of purchase of Annual Permit when fishing at RVSC.

General Rules 

Sailors have precedence and RVSC reserve the right to curtail or cancel fishing at any time and for whatever reason.

  • There are no pegs and no person has the right to any particular area of bank.
  • Do not disturb or cause damage or injury to wildlife, nests, stock, crops, walls, fences, ditches, hedges, trees, shrubs or any structure.
  • If requested, members of RVSC or United Utilities staff must be allowed to inspect rod licences / bags / containers.
  • All litter must be removed.
  • No dogs.
  • No Fires

Fishing Rules

  • Fishing is only permitted within the boundary walls of the reservoir. All pools, ponds and feeder streams are out of bounds.
  • Fishing between the valve tower and the club, and the are in front of the club, and along its perimeter is not permitted.
  • Fishing is by rod and line only and undertaken in a sportsmanlike manner. It must not create a hazard to the general public or any users of the reservoir or the adjoining highway or permissive or public footpaths.
  • Only two rods per person (subject to rod licence).
  • Only barbless hooks may be used up to a maximum of size 6 including doubles and trebles.
  • Fishing is permitted on a catch and release basis only.
  • Night fishing is prohibited.
  • The following is prohibited – Float tubes or similar – bait boats – keep nets.

Bait Restrictions

The following are PROHIBITED:

  • Loose feeding with anything other than earthworms, maggots or castor.
  • Ground Bait
  • Bloodworms
  • Live fish bait
  • Dead bait unless commercial and disease free
  • Flavoured bait or flavour enhancers
  • Sweetcorn, Spam, Luncheon meat, Hemp seed