Why not try your hand at sailing or windsurfing with our taster sessions.

The club recognises that if you have never sailed or windsurfed before, some will want to see if Sailing is what they expected, before taking the plunge and joining a sailing club.

A Taster Session allows you to get out on the water, before joining.

For £20 for an individual or £30 for a family we will get you on the water and show you the basics.

We provide all the equipment that you need and whats more if you become a member within a month we will refund you part of the cost.

If you progress to membership we can advise on both boards and boats, suggest best training route, and help you become a regular club member, enjoying all the benefits of our sport.

This year we are planning three Taster days 10th June / 8th July / 12th August, as well as Push The Boat Out on Saturday 13th May.


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In order to request a Taster Session we need to collect some information, together with contact details. By filling out your details, we can then arrange to discuss and hopefully meet your needs.